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Initiating the Initiative

The summer is hot and dry in Salt Lake City, Utah, which makes the library all that much more enticing, with its airconditioned aisles and dim, comfortable corners. But this week I am not ensconcing myself in the pleasures of musical research, nor am I knee-deep in composer biographies. Instead, I am discovering just how much research there is to do before launching a nonprofit for research! The Nonprofit Kit for Dummies is currently resting near my left elbow, and I am committed to finishing it before the week is out (and it is due back at the library).

There are many tasks and tedious forms to complete before our nonprofit is "official," but each step of the way I am encouraged by the realization that after two years our dream is becoming a reality. I feel lucky to be embarking on this adventure with Zach and Jared—no one could ask for better partners in crime, music, and friendship!

For now, our sights are set on August 10, when we will make our debut and solicit the public for their attention and support as we forge ahead to bring you new music from around the globe and across the centuries!

Stay tuned!


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