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  • Anthology of Utah choral music

Despite the global success of the Tabernacle Choir and a reputation for thriving community and school choral organizations, Utah has a hidden history of choral composition that has not achieved proper local and national recognition. In an effort to preserve, promote, and stimulate the rich concert choral tradition in the state, Jared began collecting and commissioning new works by composers who have either lived or studied in Utah. This enormous undertaking involves work with many composers and their families, libraries, churches, and archives throughout Utah.


  • Anthology of Swedish Arias

The Composer Discovery Initiative has been selected to publish a collection of Swedish operatic arias. Addressing specifically the first 100 years of Swedish opera history, this collection of operatic gems will make important Swedish-language arias available for the first time in modern print. Jared researched and collected the primary sources for this anthology in Stockholm in 2012 and 2013. CDI will make the final edits, engrave the anthology, and publish the work. 



  • The Goetschius-Shepherd Letters

A new book of letters from New England Conservatory professor Percy Goetschius to composer Arthur Shepherd will provide moving examples of loving mentorship. Percy's encouragement of Arthur, whom he called the new hope for American music, has appeal beyond musical audiencesalone.



  • Anthology of American Harp Music

The modern harp—capable of playing chromatically in all 24 keys without retuning—was invented only at the turn of the nineteenth century. By the height of the Romantic Era, symphonic composers had come to appreciate its unique timbre and began maximizing its orchestral potential, and occasionally writing solo repertoire. French compositions dominate the canon, with modern transcriptions of piano repertoire making up a great deal of the remaining music performed by students and professionals alike. However, a wealth of unexplored music for solo harp exists, but has not yet been collected and disseminated among soloists. CDI plans to publish an anthology of lesser-known and previously unpublished American works for the harp. The collection will emphasize solo works, but also include several works of note for small ensemble.



  • Anthology of Jenny Lind Repertoire

Jenny Lind is perhaps the most well-known coloratura soprano in history. Her early operatic career was exceptional, and she performed more than thirty roles before retiring from the stage at the age of twenty-nine.  In later years, she embarked on an American tour, during which she enjoyed an unprecedented amount of public acclaim. This tour featured a variety of solo vocal music, from her most beloved arias to Swedish folk music and American popular tunes by the likes of Stephen Foster. She eventually settled in England, where she finished her career as a lauded singer of oratorios and cantatas. Few singers have had the Swedish Nightingale’s breadth and depth of repertoire, and fewer still have risen to comparable levels of fame. For all of these reasons, it is surprising that a soprano anthology dedicated to Jenny Lind’s comprehensive repertoire has not yet been created. CDI intends to continue significant research into Lind’s performance history—a task already begun by both Anderson and Oaks—and publish a multi-volume collection of works representative of Lind’s repertoire throughout her lifetime. Such a project would not only be a valuable historical record of one of the world’s greatest vocal careers, but also a “must-have” item for every coloratura soprano today.












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