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  • Women Teaching Women: A Compositional Workshop

In August of 2016, CDI will sponsor a pedagogical masterclass and academic conference specifically catering to the development of women composers throughout the world. In keeping with the mission of CDI, this week-long event will focus on fostering the careers of women composers and encouraging scholarship on lesser-known and unrecognized women musicians throughout history. Featuring established female composers as artists-in-residence, this workshop would provide each active participant with five composition lessons and numerous lectures and workshops throughout the week-long event. The workshop would culminate in a two-day academic conference, and include a key-note speaker and round-table discussion. Papers read at the conference will be included in the published proceedings of the event alongside selected student compositions.



  • Scholarly Research Support

CDI plans to increase exposure to Utah composers and their music by supporting research that leads to publications in respected music periodicals. These include biographical sketches of CDI composers, analytical articles on their music, and musicological pieces contextualizing the role of the West in American musical life.


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